Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are specifically cultivated to produce only the female form of the cannabis plant. By choosing feminized seeds, all plants are of the female kind and there will be no male plants grown during cultivation. It's the female plants that produce the desired cannabis crop, and the male plants are unproductive and produce no crop.  Even more, male plants can negatively influence the blossoming of the female plants, and will prevent the female plants from producing any cannabis crop at all! This is why feminized seeds are very popular and the vast majority of growers choose feminized seeds.

The method to grow feminized seeds is similar to the growing of regular kinds of seeds. When grown in greenhouses or outside, feminized seeds grown on soil or in hydroponic culture will even produce more uniform plants then regular seeds.

For both beginners and experienced growers, feminized seeds are the best choice to get perfect crops as a result.

Seed production

Marijuana plants have by nature the genetic ability to alter their own sex. Producers of cannabis seeds use this ability to produce the desired female versions of the seeds. To produce the actual feminized versions of cannabis seeds, several common methods are used by seed producers. Amongst them are the use of hormones, colloidal silver and the STS reversal method. Seed companies often develop and use their own specific methods, and thus the quality of seeds can vary accordingly. To get the best results, the produced feminized seeds should be nearly 100% free of so called hermaphroditism, and should not contain any seeds that could produce plants that are still capable of changing sex.

Only when cannabis plants are grown under the wrong, unnatural conditions, there might still occur some cases of hermaphroditism in the resulting cannabis plants. Such unsuitable conditions are most often the use of irregular lighting schedules, a total lack of darkness, or toxics.

When grown in the right way, feminized cannabis seeds will give you great cannabis plants with a healthy crop!